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Welcome to Erratic Beat Comics!

Two things that I love to do are to draw and to make people laugh... this web site was born from an amalagm of the two.  I really hope that you enjoy the comics!  I mostly draw them for my own amusement and enjoyment, but I hope that you are all able to share in the laughter.  You can't hit a home run on every try, but I hope that you feel like the humor was worth a base hit at least.

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Erratic Beat Comics will feature a line up of three different comics:

  • Nerd's Eye View (gag-a-day, one-liner, science/technology) - drawn completely in MS Paint - this comic originated in 2005 when I was at Brandeis.  The art is a bit cruder than my Wednesday comics, but the comics are hopefully just as funny.
  • Erratic beat (gag-a-day, random, political, pop culture, entertainment) - drawn in MS Paint - This is the direct result of my having drawn political cartoons for college newspapers, except now I've perfected my drawing style a bit more.  Hope that you enjoy it.
  • Salt and Pepper series - drawn in MS Paint with the gradient background added in Photoshop - I always wanted to do a series and these two characters seemed like a perfect match.  The first Season of this series featured 5 episodes.

Many people have asked me how I draw the comics. I use as simplistic a set up as possible - MS Paint and a PC mouse.  Surprisingly, I can't draw that well using a stylus and since Paint works quite well for me, I haven't put enough effort into learning how to draw in Photoshop.  I do, however, turn to Photoshop on my Friday comics to add in the background.  Other than that the images are Photoshop free.  Everything is MS Paint + a simple mouse.


It's really hard to write about yourself even if it's for an "about" me section.  There are so many facets to each of us that it's hard to quantify and label them all.  So, I suppose, I'll use this section to simply give you a quick overview of my other interests.  If you want to know more, just contact me on Twitter or shoot me an e-mail. 

I've always been drawn to (well, literally too I suppose) drawing.  However, I also love dance and music with an equal passion.  In terms of dance, I'm trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and 3 forms of Indian Classical Dance (bharat natayam, kuchipudi, and odissi).  I also love making my own music.  I'm a huge movie buff - both Bollywood (Indian) and Hollywood - and adore reading. I watch every dance show that airs on TV - both Indian and American - SYTYCD is my fav.

On an academic note - I'm currently in Law School.

Feel free to contact me at ErraticBeat-at-gmail-dot-com and please follow me on twitter @ErraticBeat

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