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Comic 43 - Nerd's Eye View Comic #1 Arrival of the Nerds

Sun, Jan 10, 2010
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Nerd's Eye View Comic #1 Arrival of the Nerds

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Author Notes:

10.1.2010, 7:43 PM
What I was going with on this one is that the Nerds are looked at as a different species/almost alienesque - hence the different coloring... The guy and girl are cavepeople cuz it's still the "creation of people". This cartoon doesn't really have much of a point because it's just an intro to the series. It was hard to get it to look decent enough. Some people have told me that the the girl looks like Angelina Jolie - but it was not intentional. Maybe it's easy to associate her as a caveperson rejecting guys, I dunno... Anyway I hope you enjoyed the cartoon. ;) There'll be more to come soon.

I drew this comic a very long time ago for my Nerd's Eye View comic blog I ran while at Brandeis. However, now that I have my own site I'm uploading these comics here. I'm hoping to revive this series once I've uploaded all the old ones.